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    ~ What Our Spiritual Teachers Say ~

    William Buhlman

    Rev Patricia Brooks provides a fresh approach on a variety of spiritually based topics and encourages her audience to look deeper into the nature of reality.  Listen and you will come away with a new perspective on the life changing potential of personal spiritual exploration.

    William Buhlman Researcher at The Monroe Institute and Best Selling Author
    Jean Adrienne

    Rev. Patricia Brooks is one of today’s leading New Thought teachers, showing the way to many for finding their power and healing at every level.

    Jean Adrienne Spiritual Teacher and Founder of InnerSpeak
    Gene Ang Ph. D.

    Rev. Patricia Brooks is a true light for the modern spiritual seeker.  Continue to follow Rev. Patricia as she ushers in the new age of wisdom and love through her programs and teachings.

    Gene Ang Ph. D. Energy Healer and Spiritual Teacher
    Dr. Norman Shealy

    The single greatest human support is embracing the spiritual sacred nature of life. Patricia Brooks is a wonderful spiritual teacher and an example for all of us.

    Dr. Norman Shealy A World Leading Expert in Pain & Depression Management
    Mira Kelley

    Rev. Patricia is a gift to the spiritual community and the world!  Each time I speak with her, it’s like being welcomed home!


    Mira Kelley Regressionist and best selling author of Beyond Past Lives
    Anrita Melchizedek

    Rev. Patricia Brooks is a beautiful, sensitive, empathic Soul and Spiritual guide, taking us deeper into our heart’s joy through Sacred Stories.

    Anrita Melchizedek Spiritual Teacher of The Order of Melchizedek

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    ~ Listeners Love Sacred Stories ~

    The interview skills of Rev. Brooks are off-the-charts amazing.  She is able to grasp the deep messages of the guests --healers and messengers--and bring them forward in clarity and light for the benefit of all listeners.

    Mary L. Holden
    Mary L. Holden Phoenix, Arizona

    Sacred Stories is a celebration of all that is and so much as Reverend Patricia Brooks navigates the way into self-discovery and expanding my mind and soul while listening and learning over the past year.  For me, the BOLDest statement is Reverend Patricia Brooks opening and following her HEART to step into the light of God and SHINE. Illuminating the way for others to discover and find self…Life Changing!!!

    Dr. Simona
    Dr. Simona Trenton, NJ

    Sacred Stories is about empowerment and self love! Each speaker has something that resonates with you. Usually bringing to light a thought or feeling you could not put into words. The programs are uplifting and beautiful. Each unique show has at least one magical tool you will put into your tool belt.

    Cindy Sirota
    Cindy Sirota Scottsdale, Arizona

    I love the way Patricia welcomes us all. It makes me feel so at home with her, the guest presenters and our Sacred Story family. I have been blessed by this whole experience.

    Marie McPherson Canada

    Start Consciously Creating Your Own Beautiful Reality!

    Feb 20 - March 3!  9am PT/12pm ET

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    Let's Get Real!

    Rev. Patricia is 100% committed to making a huge difference in this world. She's a dynamo, a joy to work with, and a pleasure to listen to!

    Michael Alperstein
    Michael Alperstein Luminous Living Life Coach

    Rev. Patricia Brooks, is a sincere and transparent spiritual leader, She listens to her guidance and is faithful to following the wisdom of light, love and enlightenment. I have found our time together on her show, nothing but magical. We seemed to "catch the flow" and were led by Spirit in our discussions, delivering the messages just needed for listeners. In essence, we were just conduits for the messages of light and guidance, as spirit thought of what listeners needed and channeled those messages to both of us! It has been an honor and blessing to work with Patrica, a women of great integrity. 

    Jill Mattson
    Jill Mattson Sound Healer and Artist

    Rev. Patricia is so gracious and easy to talk to. She puts the 'art' in artful interview.

    Lisa Barnett
    Lisa Barnett Akashic Knowing Founder and Intl Best Selling Author

    Rev. Patricia Brooks has created a unique spiritual portal that offers people an inspiring opportunity to rediscover the deeper meaning of their lives.  As a host, I enjoyed her enthusiasm and the authenticity of her intentions to empower and awaken.  She was a joy to co-create with, and I have seen how her work helped to empower and activate people I know who have connected with her show.  She is very pure of heart and intent.  

    Saryon Michael White
    Saryon Michael White Spiritual Channel and Teacher

    Join in the Co-Creation of a Higher Planetary Vibration!

    Feel the Resonance of Our Shared Stories!

    More Listener Sharing

    "Rev. Brooks, you rock!  I listen to you more than any other telesummit hosts now.  You are so authentic! Nice interview style! Great guests!
    So glad I found you!!! As I said, you rock, Rev!
    Much love to you!"

    "It was blissful!  Thank You!

    "I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to you for the amazing Sacred Stories series!"

    "Rev. Patricia, each session has brought me closer to ME! You are a blessing. Please, continue your awesome giving!"

    "This series has helped me tremendously.
    May God continue blessing you always."

    "I look forward to Rev. Patricia Brooks
    "Sacred Stories" every week. The discussions are deeply meaningful to me and are helping me on my path to self-discovery and evolution."

    "A profoundly peaceful & beautiful experience."

    "The selection of speakers and your insightful and inspiring interviews have been wonderful, enjoyable, and delightful!"

    OF ALL TIME!!!!"

    "Thank you for keeping it spiritual and the energy of healing soulful love."

    "Sacred Stories is very meaningful because you touch on people's experiences. I deeply appreciate everything you do.  Thank you!!"

    "I am truly looking forward to more awesome guests and their Sacred Stories."

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