Marinna Rose

Wants YOU To Discover YOUR Life Purpose Through Your Individual Fingerprints!

A Powerful Offer To Help YOU Unlock YOUR True Potential!

Imagine if you had knowledge of your purpose before you were even born.
Knowledge of every love, every triumph, and every bump in the road you would face in this amazing journey of life that stretched out before you.
Then imagine that you knew exactly what you would need to know throughout this life to live the most successful, happy, purposeful life possible, and as you were being created, you left those messages on your very skin, in hopes that one day you would be able to decode them and know exactly what you needed to know in life.
The truth is, you did.
You knew, and the Universe knew, before you were born,
everything you would need to know in this lifetime,
and you imprinted it in messages on your very hands.

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Marinna Rose Special Offer
Marinna Rose Special Offer
Marinna Rose's Special Offer Includes a Personalized Scientific Hand Analysis, a Private 15 Minute Session, and 21 Steps to Soul Discovery E-Course.
Price: $344.00
Price: $147.00

Included in Marinna's Special Offer Package
Personalized Scientific Hand Analysis, Private 15 Minute Session with Marinna, and 21 Steps to Soul Discovery E-Course

Item #1

Personalized Scientific Hand Analysis

You will receive an ink kit to create a blueprint of your handprint to send to Marinna. Using Scientific Hand Analysis, Marinna will decode the messages on your hands, finding your life purpose.  This isn’t a predicative methodology, but a reading of the universal energies and your unique soul messages portrayed in your hands.

Item #2

Private Session With Marinna

Receive a personal 15 minute phone or Skype session with Marinna for her to explain your Soul Purpose Reading!

Item #3

21 Steps To Soul Discovery E-Course

A 6 Week e-course intensive that introduces you to all the key spiritual principles that contribute most to living a successful soulful life. This e-course helps you to master the foundational spiritual and mental techniques that will enable you to live in the abundance and power that you seek.

It includes 21 lessons, AM and PM meditation tracks, and a digital workbook.

You will receive multimedia lessons in your inbox every 2 days that include audio, some video and a text lesson.

This program is JAM-PACKED with information that will give you the tools you need to lead a Successful Soul Centered life!

  • Receive a new Strategy every two days in your email inbox
  • Each Strategy incorporates multimedia learning, including videos, audios, and a written lesson
  • Each Strategy offers tools and processes that you can implement in real time in your life
  • Receive insight from over 21 different Experts in the self development industry into each Success Strategy, such as Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Natalie Ledwell, Derek Rydall, Dr. Bruce Lipton just to name a few and so many more!

21 Steps to Soul Discovery is for You If…

  • You are willing to take action to up level your life
  • You are open to a new way of thinking and awareness
  • You are ready to take the path of forgiveness and acceptance that leads to harmony
  • You have made the choice to disengage from the drama

Never before seen BONUS Steps!

A printable 21 Steps to Soul Discovery Workbook with action steps and journaling pages!

Amazing Bonus Meditations!

AM and PM Meditation Tracks co-created with “The Guitar Monk” Mathew Dixon – the exclusive sound healing specialist for Joe Vitale from the hit movie The Secret. These Meditations are encoded with subliminal messaging resonances to work with your mind to maximize your meditation results.

An Incredible Value!

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Regular Price $344.00 Special Offer Price $147.00

57% off retail price!

Marinna Rose Special Offer
Marinna Rose Special Offer
Marinna Rose's Special Offer Includes a Personalized Scientific Hand Analysis, a Private 15 Minute Session, and 21 Steps to Soul Discovery E-Course.
Price: $344.00
Price: $147.00

With the two programs above you will reconnect to what your life purpose is, and the
21 Steps behind developing a strategy to unlocking your potential! Imagine yourself improving every day until you are living the life you have always imagined. Truly discover what the feeling of freedom, joy, and living your purpose is all about!

What Others Say

I must say that I have so much peace and power [now]. I now understand that my life’s path and purpose is unique to me and I can funnel my energy and personal power towards the direction of my true purpose. Marinna was so easy to talk to and took lots of time with me to ensure my understanding. She has this amazing ability to listen and present life’s challenges as potential positives. If you feel lost or unsettled about your life’s purpose, you MUST see Marinna… She has helped me tune out the noise and focus on what is important! You will not be disappointed.

- Lisa Daniels

When I reached out to work with Marinna in her “Unlocking Your Soul Purpose Code” Intensive. I was not sure if the Hand Analysis would be accurate, but knowing now that it was accurate, it allowed me to pinpoint the area I needed to work on allowing me to move forward on something that has been bugging me for over a year and a half!  It has confirmed things for me, now that it is laid out I see the plan in place now and can move forward.  My favorite parts were the Hand Analysis being the owners manual for myself, like how a car comes with the car manual. Then to be able to nail and address the area I was having the biggest problem with. To get the clarity that I got today, that I have been searching for all of this time is the biggest high!  Essentially I would say that this work with Marinna has been “Priceless” because it is a sense of freedom and clarity that otherwise I would not have. It’s hard to put a price on clarity, you can’t put it into words of how freeing that it is!  What I enjoyed most about working with Marinna is how everything seemed to go into a step-by-step way to allow the lesson to come out. When you do the steps it eventually leads you to your truth.  I truly did not expect to have the breakthrough that I had, I thought I would get close, but not breakthrough.  If you know that there is something holding you back from your purpose, than you need to do yourself a favor and discover what it is and get over it. Sign up TODAY to work with Marinna she has a gift of unearthing the root cause of what is really holding you back so you can finally live the life you deserve!  I can’t thank you enough Marinna, this has been awesome, more than words can express!

- Alyica Wicker

Marinna, I’m blown away! If I asked for a star, and God gave me a galaxy, I would be stunned… and delighted. If I asked for a definition, and someone gave me an entire dictionary, I would be stunned… and delighted. If I asked for a joke, and someone performed an entire stand-up routine, I would be stunned… and delighted. And when I asked for a life purpose reading based on my handprints and received what you delivered, I was stunned… and delighted. I assumed I would be given some generic mumbo-jumbo, akin to reading my horoscope on the funnies page in the newspaper. How wrong I was. It was not a simple little paragraph full of meaningless platitudes. I was spellbound, not only by the precision of the information, but by how extensive it was. I must admit, I have done a great deal of work on myself over the years, so much of what you said was not new to me. It was, however, a tremendous validation of the spiritual progress I’ve made, and it strengthened my resolve to go even further. It was like adding kindling to the dying embers of my goals and it has reignited them into a roaring bonfire. Now I’m all toasty and raring to go. I thank you from the bottom of my heart line (or Jupiter mount, or something).

- Bob Wakitsch

I can’t begin to thank you enough for providing me with this opportunity to connect to you through your free coaching calls! I have never had the experience of interacting with a coach before and had no idea what I was in for. All I knew was that I had asked for guidance, and lo and behold, I see this offer in my inbox! (Seriously -like a day or two after praying for a sign!!) They were THE BEST phone conversations I have ever had with someone who I have never talked with before!!! There was an instant resonance! Questions and answers just organically flowed with ease, there was no script, no sales pitch, just genuine connection and compassion. Looking back at my journaling of our conversation I did, I must say how grateful and thankful I am for the insights that unfolded during AND after our time together!!! There was SO much I took from just our short time together, I can only say that this was a wonderful first introduction to coaching for me!! Thank you! It’s been and honor and blessing to work with such a grounded, intuitive, compassionate coach as yourself. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I look forward to a time in the near future where I can dive in!!!

- Kristin Whipple

Yes! I Would Like To Purchase Now!

Regular Price $344.00 Special Offer Price $147.00

57% off retail price!

Marinna Rose Special Offer
Marinna Rose Special Offer
Marinna Rose's Special Offer Includes a Personalized Scientific Hand Analysis, a Private 15 Minute Session, and 21 Steps to Soul Discovery E-Course.
Price: $344.00
Price: $147.00

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